When Kris and Jason Spaulding opened the doors to Brewery Vivant in 2010, the French and Belgian inspired beers opened eyes to styles of beer rarely seen in Grand Rapids, and even West Michigan as a whole. 

Building on the incredible beer culture of the European nations, Brewery Vivant’s beers were far different than Grand Rapids’ first craft breweries, pushing the boundaries of customers mostly familiar with light lagers. 

The brewery stretched the imagination of beer lovers’ palates with unique, quality beer, as well as French and Belgian inspired food, and it continues to do so today.

Grand Rapids' Brewery Vivant Owners Sitting at a Table
Brewery Vivant used to be a funeral chapel.

Kris and Jason Spaulding opened Brewery Vivant in 2010 in an old funeral home building.

Photo by Experience Grand Rapids

Brewery Vivant History

There was plenty of beer pedigree behind Brewery Vivant, as Jason Spaulding was one of the founders of New Holland Brewing Co. in Holland. 

Spaulding had in mind a small, community-focused brewery making beers not readily seen across the U.S. beer market at the time. 

The Spauldings eventually found the perfect building for their brewery that felt European, evoking a monastery-like atmosphere, which was fitting as some of the most renowned breweries in Belgium are monasteries. The building, a long-time funeral home, is now LEED-certified as Brewery Vivant is a leader in brewing sustainability.

Along with Brewery Vivant’s focus on environmental sustainability, a triple bottom line approach means the brewery is focused on treating its neighbors and employees well to help ensure the business is on solid footing. Each year, the business releases its “Beer the Change” report, a look into its sustainability efforts.

Brewery Vivant Beers

Brewery Vivant’s beers most often resemble styles found in Europe, namely Belgian styles.

Photo by Experience Grand Rapids (taken by Bree Girard)

What’s on Tap?

Brewery Vivant’s beers most often resemble styles found in Europe, like the flagship Farm Hand, a light and slightly sweet farmhouse beer. 

Other beers in the portfolio tend to be more American-esque takes on traditional styles, like Tropical Saison. The brewery has also expanded its barrel-aging and sour beer program. Vivant rotates the beer on its menu, so you’ll find an updated list when you visit, or you can call ahead to see what’s on tap. 

A hand pulling a chip away from a plate of Brewery Vivant's duck nachos.
A plate piled with duck nachos with a beer in the background at Brewery Vivant.

Don't miss out on the infamous duck nachos at Brewery Vivant.

Photo by Brian Craig for Experience Grand Rapids

Grade A Menu

While the beer is delicious - and award-winning - the brewery’s menu is equally delicious and well thought-out. 

From the incredible hamburger to the infamous duck nachos, the food menu helped other breweries, even outside of Grand Rapids, begin to push the boundaries and offer varietal, out-of-the-box food options.

Broad Leaf Local Beer

For much of the brewery’s history, the building housed most of the brewing operations. In the summer of 2019, the Spauldings opened Broad Leaf Brewery + Spirits in Kentwood. Broad Leaf gives the company’s brewers more freedom to explore beers beyond the Belgian-style heavy portfolio. In 2022, they opened a second Broad Leaf location on the West Side. In addition to craft beer, both Broad Leaf locations have a food menu and serve cocktails, including several non-alcoholic options. 

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