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Event Management

Creating and coordinating events that bring people together – from business meetings to concert series to food festivals and more – is a complex logistical task, whether you’re hosting 40 people or 4,000. Meeting planners, event coordinators, volunteer coordinators, event managers, and festival organizers must be able to work well with people and juggle many different tasks at once. From entry-level jobs working as gate attendants or security personnel to leadership positions articulating event vision and strategy, the opportunities in this sector are many and varied. The opportunity extends to Experience Grand Rapids, where our events managers – all Certified Meeting Professionals – work with meeting planners across the country to host successful events in Grand Rapids/Kent County.

Choose Your Starting Point

Gate Attendant:

Are you detail-oriented and customer-focused? As a gate attendant, you'll play a crucial role in welcoming guests and ensuring smooth entry and exit at events and venues. Greet attendees, scan tickets, and provide assistance as needed, while maintaining a safe and orderly environment. Your friendly demeanor and efficiency contribute to a positive guest experience from the moment they arrive.

Event Security:

Are you committed to ensuring the safety and security of event attendees and staff? As an event security professional, you'll monitor crowds, patrol premises, and enforce safety protocols to mitigate risks and maintain a secure environment. Work closely with event organizers, local law enforcement, and emergency services to respond effectively to any incidents, ensuring the smooth and safe execution of events.

Explore Mid-Level Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator:

Are you passionate about community engagement and volunteerism? As a volunteer coordinator, you'll recruit, train, and manage volunteers to support event operations and activities. Develop volunteer roles, schedules, and training materials, and provide ongoing support and recognition to volunteers, fostering a positive and rewarding experience that enhances event outcomes and strengthens community connections.

Event Coordinator:

Are you a multitasker with strong organizational skills? As an event coordinator, you'll oversee the planning and execution of various aspects of events, from logistics and vendor coordination to guest services and program management. Collaborate with clients, vendors, and internal teams to ensure all details are meticulously planned and executed, resulting in seamless and successful events that meet or exceed expectations.

Move Up to Management

Event Manager:

Are you a strategic thinker with a knack for project management? As an event manager, you'll oversee all aspects of event planning and execution, from concept development and budgeting to on-site coordination and post-event evaluation. Lead a team of professionals, vendors, and volunteers to ensure all elements come together seamlessly, delivering exceptional experiences that meet organizational objectives and exceed attendee expectations.

Performing Arts Center Manager:

Are you passionate about the performing arts and cultural education? As a performing arts center manager, you'll oversee the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of a cultural venue dedicated to showcasing live performances. Manage staff, programming, and facilities, while fostering partnerships with artists, arts organizations, and community stakeholders to curate diverse and engaging programs that enrich the cultural landscape and attract audiences.

Festival Organizer:

Are you creative and entrepreneurial with a passion for bringing people together? As a festival organizer, you'll conceptualize, plan, and execute festivals and large-scale events that celebrate diverse cultures, arts, and traditions. Coordinate with vendors, performers, sponsors, and local authorities to ensure all logistical and operational aspects are in place for a successful and memorable event experience that delights attendees and contributes to the vibrancy of the community.

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