Attraction Tourism

Tourists are typically looking for ways to relax and refresh their minds, bodies, and spirits when they visit a destination – and Grand Rapids offers plenty of opportunities to craft a career satisfying those desires. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you might want to work at a ski resort, golf course, beach, or nature center. Breweries, nightclubs, theaters, museums, zoos, and other attractions offer a variety of exciting indoor career paths. These are usually public-facing positions that require a cheerful attitude and a passion to create memorable moments for visitors.

Choose Your Starting Point

Tour Guide:

Are you passionate about sharing local history, culture, and landmarks with others? As a tour guide, you'll lead groups on engaging journeys, providing insightful commentary and ensuring a memorable experience. Whether exploring urban streets or natural wonders, your role is to educate, entertain, and create lasting memories for groups seeking to immerse themselves in new destinations.

Freshwater Fishing Guide:

Do you have a deep love for fishing and the great outdoors? As a freshwater fishing guide, you'll lead fishing expeditions in rivers, lakes, and streams, guiding anglers of all skill levels to prime fishing spots and sharing your expertise in fishing techniques and local fish species. Whether casting lines for relaxation or competitive sport, you'll facilitate unforgettable fishing adventures amid stunning natural scenery.

Zoo Education Specialist:

Do you have a love for wildlife and a talent for storytelling? As a zoo education specialist, you'll engage visitors with educational programs and interactive experiences that highlight the diversity of animal life and conservation efforts. Lead guided tours, animal encounters, and educational workshops, inspiring visitors of all ages to appreciate and protect the natural world while fostering a deeper understanding of wildlife and biodiversity. (insert link to JBZ where appropriate,

Hunting Guide:

Do you have experience hunting wild game? As a hunting guide, you can conduct and organize hunting expeditions by using your skills in navigation, and seeking and identifying wildlife species. Assemble equipment and guide participants through safe hunting practices that are in-line with legal regulations. Prepare campsites, meals, and transport for multi-day hunting trips, managing the safety and wellbeing of your participants and responsibly handling harvested game.

Explore Mid-Level Opportunities

Tour Director:

In this role, you’ll ensure that guests are following the itineraries planned for multi-day tours and supervise tour guides as they provide entertaining and informative experiences. Tour directors are also known as tour managers or leaders. Some work in one country, while others work across several countries or regions. 

Botanical Garden Horticulturist:

Are you fascinated by plants and gardens? As a botanical garden horticulturist, you'll curate and maintain diverse plant collections, designing and implementing garden displays that showcase the beauty and diversity of plant life. Conduct research, propagate rare species, and collaborate with botanists and educators to interpret plant collections for visitors, fostering an appreciation for botany, conservation, and sustainable gardening practices.

Move up to Management

Tour Operator:

Are you passionate about crafting unforgettable travel experiences for diverse clientele? As a tour operator, you'll design and organize travel packages, coordinating transportation, accommodations, activities, and guides to create comprehensive and immersive travel itineraries. Whether catering to luxury travelers, adventure seekers, or cultural enthusiasts, your role is to curate memorable experiences that showcase the best of destinations while ensuring logistical excellence and customer satisfaction.

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