Cultural Tourism

Our celebrations and traditions, our food, the art we create, and the stories we tell – these are all elements of our culture. A career in cultural tourism offers the chance to share these things with visitors. You could assist with ArtPrize, the world’s most attended public art event, or World of Winter, America’s largest winter festival, or any of our other cultural festivals and celebrations. You could work with artists to beautify the urban environment through murals and other public art pieces. You could create and deliver experiential programming at a museum, food emporium, nature center, or theatre. When you’re ready to take on more responsibility, you can explore leadership roles at the area’s many cultural organizations.

Choose Your Starting Point


Are you passionate about expressing yourself through dance, music, theatre, or comedy? As a performer, you have the opportunity to showcase cultural diversity and creativity through your art form. Find steady employment by collaborating with performing arts venues or cultural centers, captivating audiences at festivals, one-time events, or extended series.

Certified Heritage Interpreter:

Do you have a passion for history and storytelling? As a certified heritage interpreter, you'll bring historical sites and artifacts to life through engaging narratives and educational programs. Work in museums, historic sites, or cultural centers, guiding visitors on immersive journeys through the past while fostering an appreciation for cultural heritage. (insert link to certification where appropriate,

Explore Mid-Level Opportunities

Programming Coordinator:

Are you organized and creative? As a programming coordinator, you'll plan and execute events, workshops, and activities that showcase the richness of cultural diversity. Collaborate with community partners and stakeholders to design engaging programs that highlight local traditions, arts, and cuisines, enriching the cultural landscape of your destination.


Are you fascinated by art, artifacts, and cultural objects? As a curator, you'll curate exhibitions and collections, preserving and interpreting cultural heritage for present and future generations. Work in museums, galleries, or cultural institutions, researching, acquiring, and showcasing diverse cultural expressions, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our shared human experience.

Move up to Management

Cultural Engagement Leader:

Do you have a passion for cultural exchange and community engagement? As a cultural engagement leader, you'll spearhead initiatives that promote cross-cultural understanding and dialogue. Organize cultural exchange programs, workshops, and community events that celebrate diversity and foster connections among people from different backgrounds, creating a more inclusive and welcoming community.

Cultural Center CEO:

Are you a visionary leader with a passion for promoting cultural enrichment? As a cultural center CEO, you'll oversee the vision, strategic direction, and operations of a cultural institution dedicated to celebrating and preserving heritage. Lead a team of passionate professionals, develop innovative programming, and cultivate partnerships to ensure the cultural center serves as a vibrant hub for education, creativity, and community engagement.

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