Grand Rapids art doesn't just live in the museums, it's also part of the structure of the city, transforming walls, streets, parking lots, mechanical boxes and other utilitarian elements into vehicles for artistic expression.

There are more than 100 murals on display throughout the city, many commissioned by local organizations and others driven by the imagination and will of individual artists. Some downtown murals are past ArtPrize entries – created expressly for the global art competition that takes place in Grand Rapids every year and now a permanent part of the city’s creative DNA.

You can use the articles below to plot a tour of murals in different city neighborhoods or just to get information about a specific mural you happen upon. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there is more street art appearing all the time, but the murals highlighted here will give you a feel for the breadth and richness of our public art scene.


Grand Rapids Murals: Southtown

photo by Nick Irwin for Experience GR. Artwork: The Pursuit of Equality, Diversity, and Dignity by Arturo Morales Romero.