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Destination Asset Study Top Level Findings

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Convention Center & Hotel Opportunities

Convention Center & Hotel Opportunities

  • Convention center expansion considered for mid-term priority.
  • Hotel development with group room block considered in near-term.
  • Feasibility study needed to determine project size, potential future business opportunities and correlation between center space and hotel room requirements.
Collaborative Partners:

Convention & Arena Authority (CAA), Grand Action, Experience Grand Rapids, City of Grand Rapids, and Kent County


The CAA has sent a request for proposals to approximately 8 firms to complete a feasibility study to determine if one or more hotels should be constructed to support current convention center inventory and demand.  There has also been discussion between the CAA, EXGR, AHC + Hospitality and the WMSC pertaining to a RFP to hire a consultant to evaluate funding options for a possible future expansion of the convention center.  This study or evaluation would take place in 2018. (12/13/2017)

Identified as a near-term priority the CAA is preparing to conduct a thorough economic and future business analysis of adding a new hotel to the current DeVos Place site. This study would help determine a target number of guest rooms, amenities and meeting space. (8/17/2017)

Identified as a mid-term priority further analysis of expansion to the convention center is also being discussed. This analysis would require careful analysis of the utilization of the current center, future business opportunities, market demand and competition, meeting trends and other community impacts. (8/17/2017)


Attracting Professional Sports

Attracting Professional Sports

  • USL Soccer offers potential opportunity to further penetrate the professional sports market.
Collaborative Partners:

Local Investment Group, Grand Action, Experience Grand Rapids, and the West Michigan Sports Commission


GRFC has a lot of exciting things we are pursuing to bring an even higher level of professional soccer to the area. GRFC continues to explore various options for a multi-use stadium which could be home to GRFC and be a great venue for other outdoor events in Grand Rapids. Finding the right location and venue is a crucial next step in attracting the USL and NASL to our market. GRFC continues to be interested investing in west Michigan and growing professional soccer! (11/7/2017)

A group of local investors together with the local Grand Rapids Football Club are exploring the possibilities of bringing a NASL or USL league team to the area. In addition to acquiring a team franchise the group would also need to build a championship competition field for the team. (6/17/2017)

Enhancing Amateur Sports Offerings

Enhancing Amateur Sports Offerings

  • Consideration for development of field sport complex.
  • Recommended complex of 12 – 20 multi-sport fields with lighting and parking.
Collaborative Partners:

West Michigan Sports Commission, Experience Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Parks & Recreation, and Kent County Parks


Hunden Strategic Partners has completed the feasibility study for a multi-sport field complex.   They recommend building a sixteen field complex with 10 natural grass fields and 6 synthetic turf fields with circulation, amenities, concessions and 1,600 parking spaces.  (3/2/2017)

The West Michigan Sports Commission has commissioned Hunden Strategic Partners to conduct a feasibility study for a multi-sport field complex.  HSP  are based out of Chicago and since 2006, have worked in 42 states offering a variety of consulting services that evaluate the impact sporting facilities have on their communities.  They most recently worked on a municipal project in the City of Westfield, IN ( ).

The current study began Thursday 9/28 with a kick-off meeting in Grand Rapids, in addition to several stakeholder interviews and area facility tours.  The study will continue over the course of 12-14 weeks with the results expected shortly after the first of the year. (11/7/2017)

The WMSC facility needs committee is reviewing proposals from several firms to conduct further economic, facility and location analysis for a multi-sport field complex. (7/7/2017)

Leveraging the Grand River

Leveraging the Grand River

  • River experience in Grand Rapids can become the focal point for visitors.
  • Restoration of river should be aggressively supported and pursued by public sector, foundations and private sector.
  • Facilitate convenient visitor access including consideration for River Destination Center.
  • Facilitate convenient visitor access and amenities north of downtown.
Richard Bishop, Executive Director GRWW

Grand Rapids Whitewater has hired Richard Bishop as its first Executive Director.

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Collaborative Partners:

Grand Rapids Whitewater, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., City of Grand Rapids, Grand Action, Experience Grand Rapids, and The Right Place, Inc.


Grand Rapids Whitewater and Officials with the City of Grand Rapids are working to acquire easements needed for construction and modification of the river bottom lands

Roughly $16 million in funding has been pledged to the project. Project partners are continuing to seek multiple funding opportunities from the private sector, state & local governments, and federal/national sources.

A formal capital campaign will launch in 2018.

The City and DGRI are also engaged in developing design standards for trail development along the river corridor and schematic design for five key park sites along the river corridor. (11/7/2017)

GRWW together with its engineering firm River Restoration are nearing the completion of engineering and application documents for the City of Grand Rapids to apply for permits needed to implement the project. GRWW has hired Richard Bishop as its first Executive Director a public fundraising for the project will commence soon. (8/17/2017)

Outdoor and Adventure Opportunities

Outdoor & Adventure Opportunities

  • Establish a first class interconnected trail system.
  • Develop visitor-friendly set of trail heads.
  • Develop unified marketing and mapping for outdoor adventures.
Collaborative Partners:

Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc., Grand Rapids Parks & Recreation, Kent County Parks and Experience Grand Rapids.


The City recently completed construction of a new section of trail just north of Canal Street Park up to Leonard Street. This project reduced the height of existing flood walls, built a new 15’ wide segment of trail, and added a new river overlook. The City is now focused on developing plans for the section of trail from Leonard Street to Ann Street for complete connectivity to the regional trails intersecting with Grand Rapids. (11/7/2017)

EXGR created a marketing positioning statement for outdoor recreation.

Grand Rapids is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers convenient access to nature-based experiences combined with the excitement and amenities of an urban destination providing the best of a city trip and the outdoors.

EXGR placed emphasis on enhancing the trails information on its website including digital maps,, launched an update to My City Bikes Grand Rapids App, and participated with the nature trails marketing partnership. (8/22/2017)

Downtown Transportation for the Visitor

Downtown Transportation for Visitor

  • Evaluate recent changes to DASH and Silver Line.
  • Consider distinct visitor circulator route.
  • Convenient transportation for visitor river access north of downtown.
Collaborative Partners:

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., Mobile GR and Parking Department, The Rapid and Grand Action.


Working with the Grey Matter Group, the City has developed four new brand concepts for the DASH circulator. They will be soliciting stakeholder feedback over the next few weeks and arriving on a final design and new color scheme. The City has also been working with DGRI and The Rapid to identify new stop locations for better signage for the DASH. The newly branded DASH, new service routes and new stop location improvements will be completed by August 27, 2018.

The bikeshare feasibility study draft report is being finalized. The recommendations were presented to the City Commission at a work session on February 27, 2018. City staff will be developing a funding strategy with local partners for City Commission consideration in July 2018. With City Commission approval, the City will look to implement a program as early as summer 2019. (3/1/2018)

The City has officially hired The Grey Matter Group to lead the rebrand and update of the DASH circulator service. The project kicks off in October and will be completed by summer 2018. The bike share project kicked off at the end of August 2017. The outreach efforts are underway and the draft plan and recommendations will be completed in December 2017. (11/7/2017)

Efforts led by Mobile GR are underway to re-brand and adjust routes of the current DASH (downtown area circulator) system to increase the ridership of both visitors and community members. In addition, a study analyzing a bike share program is also underway. If proven feasible a bike share program could launch in 2018. (8/22/2017)

Destination Awareness, Inclusion and Diversity

Destination Awareness, Inclusion and Diversity

  • Consider measuring destination awareness and perceived strengths and weaknesses among potential future visitors.
  • Marketing efforts expanded to provide emphasis on current and future outdoor recreational assets.
  • Consider leveraging local authentic stories focusing on neighborhoods and experiences unique to Grand Rapids.
  • Community efforts to support the advancement of minority youth in hospitality industry.
  • Support for recruiting and training to grow a more diverse hospitality workforce.  


Experience Grand Rapids added Angela Nelson to their leadership team. Angela will guide EXGR as they fulfill their organizational Diversity Value Statement:

To lead the hospitality and tourism industry in creating a community culture that promotes inclusivity and belonging.

Initially these efforts will focus on impacting a diverse and inclusive industry workforce, enhancing multicultural visitor experiences, leveraging the competitive business advantage in each destination visitor market segment including conventions thereby positively impacting the economy.