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We’re celebrating the return of Cider Week GR (May 10-18, 2024) with a cider-themed giveaway! Register to win by May 18, 2024!

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West Michigan Whitecaps: Your Summer Tradition

With dozens of themed nights, special giveaways, new food/drink choices and a variety of entertainment options, families who attend a West Michigan Whitecaps game get so much more than a baseball…

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Taste West Michigan with these Farmers Markets

Farmers market season in West Michigan – a time of year when residents and guests alike can enjoy the wide variety of produce, meat, and dairy from local farmers. With food and agriculture being…

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Downtown Walking Tour

Grand Rapids was named one of the 14 most walkable cities in the U.S. a few years back, largely because of our amazingly compact and fun-filled downtown. There are more than 200 restaurants, shops…

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Crafting Candles at Wax Poetic Candle Bar

Tap into your sense of smell and flex your creativity by making a hand-poured, scented candle at Wax Poetic Candle Bar in Grand Rapids. The whole candle-pouring experience takes about 30-45 minutes…

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Resolutions to Keep During Your Next Trip to Grand Rapids

Want a New Year’s resolution you can stick to? Resolve to have more fun in 2024. Make time for play, try something you’ve always wanted to do, indulge in a treat now and then, and visit someplace new…

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Family Farm Markets

You can purchase fresh-picked produce - or pick your own - at many of the farms and farm markets that also supply local restaurants. Farm markets are typically open from late spring (when asparagus is…

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Plenty of Places to Launch in Grand Rapids

Summer days and boating go hand-in-hand. When temperatures climb and days get longer the urge to hit the water often grows strong. But where can you launch that runabout, sailboat, kayak or rowboat…

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Labor Day

It’s the last big hurrah of summer – and Grand Rapids knows how to make it memorable. Take advantage of the long weekend to squeeze out a few more rounds of golf, miles on the trail and days at the…

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Locals’ Guide to Frozen Yogurt Shops in Grand Rapids

Frozen yogurt - commonly referred to as “froyo” - is a foodie trend with staying power. Frozen yogurt is made with less heavy cream than ice cream and can even be dairy-free, which is why many tout…

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