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Locals’ Guide to Grand Rapids Ice Cream Shops

Has there ever been a more perfect pair than summer and ice cream? During the hot summer months, your sweet tooth will be satisfied thanks to the countless ice cream options in the Grand Rapids area…

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A Local's Guide to Late-Night Food in Grand Rapids

With so many nightlife options around Grand Rapids – everything from concerts and theater shows to bars and nightclubs – you may find yourself too busy to bother with food until well after dark. Or…

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Locals’ Guide to Frozen Yogurt Shops in Grand Rapids

Frozen yogurt - commonly referred to as “froyo” - is a foodie trend with staying power. Frozen yogurt is made with less heavy cream than ice cream and can even be dairy-free, which is why many tout…

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Enjoying the Downtown Refreshment Area with Your Dog

Enjoying the Downtown Refreshment Area with Your Dog Hey, dog people – if you like to bring your furry friend(s) with you as you explore a city’s food and drink scene, you’re going to love Grand…

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Local’s Guide to Weekend Brunch in Grand Rapids

Widely recognized for both its exceptional food and easy sociability, Grand Rapids is a great place for brunch – which is, after all, a social event as much as a meal. Restaurants across the city…

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Locally Owned & Operated LGBTQIA+ Businesses to Check Out

Grand Rapids is home to many locally owned and operated LGBTQIA+ businesses. The city is now a destination to live and work for people of all ages and identities as more inclusive businesses open…

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Local's Guide to Grand Rapids Donut Scene

Grand Rapids has a vibrant donut scene, with established local bakeries providing a fresh take on the classics and newcomers offering unique twists and innovative creations. We asked local residents…

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Exploring Cherry Street in Grand Rapids

While downtown Grand Rapids boasts the city’s largest concentration of shopping and dining destinations, there are numerous neighborhood business districts offering their own distinct pleasures. Many…

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Grand Rapids Restaurants with Great Vegan Options

Surveys generally put the count of vegans in the U.S. at 2-6% of the population. That may not seem like a lot, but it represents up to two million Americans. We don’t have a clue how many vegans…

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