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Grand Rapids Area Outdoor Dining Spaces

Outdoor Dining in Any Season Grand Rapidians love the outdoors ­ – so much so that local restaurants and breweries have devised ways for us (and our visitors) to dine al fresco throughout the year…

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Sunday and Monday Dining in Downtown Grand Rapids

Finding places to dine out on Sundays and Mondays can be a challenge these days – but not in Grand Rapids. We’ve assembled this list of great dining destinations in the downtown area that are open for…

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Rooftop Bars in Grand Rapids

What’s better than enjoying an adult beverage with friends in Grand Rapids? Enjoying an adult beverage with friends while drinking in panoramic views of Grand Rapids! Rooftop bars are all the rage in…

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Grand Rapids Restaurants with a French Flair

If you’re not going to Paris anytime soon, but you’re craving a French experience, look no further than Grand Rapids! Many chefs in West Michigan pay homage to the complexity of French cuisine, decor…

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Themed Bars and Restaurants in the Grand Rapids Area

Grand Rapids has seen an influx of themed bars and restaurants over the course of the past few years. Many are right downtown, but there are a variety that are outside the city’s core too. Spanning…

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Local’s Favorite Pizza Places in GR

National Pizza Day is February 9 – and to celebrate, we asked our social media followers to recommend their favorite Grand Rapids pizza places. Only three of this year’s top vote-getters were on our…

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Check Out These Black-Owned Restaurants in Grand Rapids

Celebrating Grand Rapids means lifting up the people, traditions, cultures and, of course, foods that contribute to the rich texture of our community. Black-owned restaurants are an integral part of…

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A Local's Guide to Finding Sweet Treats in Grand Rapids

If you’re trying to shop locally more often, this list is for you. If you love dessert, this list is for you, too! Experience Grand Rapids polled their followers on social media to find out which…

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The Local’s Guide to the Best Nachos in Grand Rapids

National Nachos Day is celebrated every year on November 6, as Americans from all walks of life unite to honor the ooey-gooey goodness of tortilla chips covered in cheese and other delectable…

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