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Looking for walkability? Try Grand Rapids

Downtown Grand Rapids is walkable – one of the top 14 walkable destinations in the U.S., according to Trips to Discover. Attendees at meetings and events held at any of the city’s downtown venues have everything they could need within a few short blocks. Take a look: Hotels There are 13 hotels…

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Why consider CMP certification?

When meeting planners reach a high level of knowledge, expertise and experience in the industry, they face the question: should I get certified? One of the best-known certifying bodies, the Events Industry Council, offers a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation to distinguish experts in…

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Dining Options a Half Mile or Less from the Convention Center

One of the best things about meeting in a new host city is the opportunity to get out and explore local flavors. One of the best things about meeting in Grand Rapids is the abundance of dining options within a casual stroll of our convention center. We’ve compiled a list of eateries located a half…

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